Freesia - Makeup Tips You Don't Want To Miss This Valentine!!

Makeup Tips You Don't Want To Miss This Valentine!!
Makeup Tips You Don't Want to Miss This Valentine

By: Freesia Staff Tue, 13 Feb 2018 10:31:04

For a Valentine’s day makeup you can choose a romantic classic look or a glamorous intense

look depending on what your plans are for the night, but regardless what you chose, you want to

glow and look perfect for your partner and here is how: 

1) Prepare your skin: 

Get a facial deep-pores cleaning, remove blackheads, facial hair, get your eyebrows done and

don’t forget to put on some moisturizing mask depending on your skin type. 

2) Clean your face:

Right before you start the makeup don’t forget to clean your face with a makeup remover and

apply toning lotion and moisturizer. Make sure to ALWAYS use products specific to your skin


3) Conceal all imperfections: 

For skin complexion make sure the foundation tone looks invisible to the eye and blends

perfectly, you don’t want to look like you wear a mask. Use a concealer and a corrector to cover

all small imperfections and to brighten up your face. Apply loose setting powder all over your

face, put on your blush on the cheeks along with your contour powder and don’t forget to add

the highlights on the highest points of your face: nose, upper cheekbones, forehead and chin. 

4) Color your eyes:

For eye makeup you can go with a classic Smokey, whether you use golden, brown, maroon,

copper, purple, blue, green or black as eyeshadow tones, it is vital to blend the colors very well,

starting with the darkest shade closer to the lashes line and going up with lighter shades. Use

an eyeliner or kajal pencil to give your eyes a nice strong contour and don’t forget your lashes; if

you have naturally thick and long lashes you can go with a black mascara in 2 layers but if you

don’t, use some false lashes. Make sure when you apply them to not leave any space between

your natural lashes and the false ones. 

5) Draw your brows:

Contour your brows with either an eyebrow pencil, gel liner or just eyeshadow. Make sure you

choose the right shape and you keep the right distance between both eyebrows. You can use

tones that are 2 shades lighter than your hair color or if you’re blonde, 2 shades darker. Don’t

forget to always leave the beginning of the eyebrows lighter. 

6) Paint your lips:

For lips you can choose a deep red lipstick or nude matte colors. Don’t forget to contour your

lips with a pencil before applying the lip stick. 

Now that your makeup is done, make sure your hair and outfit complete your look and you’re

ready to impress your partner! ! !

Beauty Tips By: Andreea Loredana, makeup artist from Romania, living in Dubai; with international diploma in makeup and beauty, specialized in television, bridal and special effects makeup.


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