Freesia - Best Ways To Enhance A Plus-Size Figure

Best Ways To Enhance A Plus-Size Figure
stylist Alia Amr

By: Freesia Staff Fri, 23 Feb 2018 09:10:57

Figuring out your body shape can ultimately help you save time shopping. “Plus sized women are the norm, and deserve to have positive representation in the media, all body shapes are beautiful” said Alexandrian-born-and-raised stylist Alia Amr, who is this week’s featured artist, helping plus sized women with styling tips to enhance their figures.

1. Hourglass

Highlight: Waist 

“In a well-proportioned body, the bust and hips are full, waist is slimmer, and also the thighs are thick. It’s one of the most common plus-size body types.”  To emphasize one’s curves, the stylist suggested wearing a tight top with a flared waistline. “You should consider accessories such as belts or ties in order to enhance the distance between your slim waist and hips. Avoid bulking the waist with too many ruffles. For bottoms, wide legs or flare pants would look gorgeous,” She adds.

2. Busty

Highlight: Upper body

It’s when the shoulders and bust are wider than your hips. Since clothing that fits in the bust yet hangs loose everywhere is a huge problem for busty body types, try emphasizing your waist by wearing a waist-cinching dress or a shirt with a V-shaped detail. 

3. The Pear

Highlight: Hips and butt

“The pear shape is a classic plus-size shape. It consists of smaller bust, wider hips, and narrower shoulders with thicker thighs. Fit-and-flare dresses can perfectly show off your smaller top half and the extra flare on the bottom is great for accentuating your curves.” Says Alia Amr, the stylist. 

3. Apple

Highlight: Bust area

This body shape describes a person who has broader shoulders and bust. The apple body type's widest measurement is in the middle. The stylist recommends, “V neck, A-line tops, and bootcut, straight, or boyfriend pants for bottoms. For the apple-shaped who prefer to minimize, tuck in a shirt inside your bootcut jeans with a long cardigan for a fancy casual look”

According to Alia Amr, fashion should be about placing women in clothes that best works for them in order to gain confidence.

 “When it comes to colors, it’s better to be bold. I chose red-hot color for my plus sized model to showcase her vibrant personality. The key to a flattering garment comes down to fit, not color, it doesn’t matter the colors you choose, just be confident and be sexy,” she explains.

Remember, no matter what your size is, be comfortable with the skin you’re in. Be confident. Keep in mind you’re not bound by certain style guidelines if you’re a plus-size. Instead, find out what best works for you and your comfort level.

So, did you figure out what most flatters you? Comment and share! 

Mariem Kamal


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