Freesia - 7 Amazing Dining Places In Alexandria!

7 Amazing Dining Places In Alexandria!
 Amazing Dining Places in Alexandria

By: Freesia Staff Tue, 06 Mar 2018 10:24:17

If you haven’t visited Alexandria in a while then you’re missing out on a lot. With its cosmopolitan atmosphere, sandy beaches, and amazing weather, Alexandria combines all cuisines to create a relaxing dining experience. We gathered the best spots you can dine at in our beloved Mediterranean-Alexandria. 

1) Zaphere Seafood

Location: El-Max

Since Alexandria means seafood, and what’s better than a meal by the sea? Zaphere can offer that with its exotic blend of spices and different types of fresh fish, you will definitely come back for more delicious seafood.

2) Casino Al-Shatby 

Location: Al-Shatby, Corniche

Ever wondered if there was ever a place that combined the best cuisines at a low price with a sea view? Then look no further. You will find Crave, which has an amazing menu for fine dining; OPA, an Alexandrian-based Greek café; Na3’na3, where you get a close up look of the sea side; and Aroma Lounge with its exquisite view of the whole Corniche. 

3) Gelaty Makram

Location: Bahary

Bahary is famous for its ice cream parlors and local Egyptian deserts, however; what makes Gelaty Makram unique from all the rest is the variety of flavors. You won’t regret having a brain freeze. 

4) China House

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Location: Cecil Hotel, Saad Zaghlol 

What makes China House unique from any other Chinese restaurant is the fact that you’re dining on a roof of a very fancy hotel with an endless sea view. 

5) Balbaa’ Village

كابوريا مبطرخة

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Location: Downtown 

Barbecue or seafood, Balbaa is your to go place! Balbaa is the most famous restaurant in Alexandria, always grabbing people’s attention with its delicious menu with a blend of amazing Egyptian dishes. Also, it is a popular dining destination for tourists visiting Alexandria. 

6) Bruxies 

Location: Smouha & Kafr Abdo

Finest American cuisine with excellent food menu from crispy fried chicken burgers to paninis and grilled toast. Bruxies has the best burgers you can eat in Alexandria. Also, they serve breakfast, waffles and coffee. Highly recommend their famous Bruxies Cappuccino. 

7) Delices

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Location: Saad Zaghlol 

Always full of foreigners from all over the world, Delices is the perfect breakfast spot for someone who wants to indulge a big plate. Try their signature club sandwich. It’s huge, and you won’t be able to finish it by yourself. 

With all its history and glory, Alexandria still finds innovative ways to attract people through its wonderful sea-views and diverse cuisines. Alexandria is an astonishing city with a none-stop flow of cultures and creativity. 

Did you visit any of these places before? Comment and share!

Mariem Kamal


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