Freesia - Can Harmony Replace Real Women?

Can Harmony Replace Real Women?
Can Harmony Replace Real Women

By: Menna Hamdy Sat, 28 Apr 2018 06:23:31

Technology has undeniably affected every aspect of our lives including human relations. However, it looks like technology is only getting started. In 2017, Realbotix Company announced that a new doll called Harmony 3.0, will soon be in stores. Harmony 3.0 is an AI capable of maintaining a normal, human relationship with males and even serving as a bed partner. While this may sound appealing to some, it makes us question: what does this mean for women and for humankind?

Harmony 3.0 is a modified version of 2 previous versions. Matt McMullen, the creator, expresses that Harmony 3.0 was designed to be an alternative for men who can’t maintain a relationship and to serve as their ideal girl. To do that, Harmony 3.0 comes with what you may call a perfect body, just like a real woman’s with even the private parts. The doll also comes with internal heating so that her skin would be warm and touch sensors in order to respond to sounds and movements. Moreover, Harmony 3.0 comes with many options for skin color and personality traits so a man can choose if he wants her to be shy, talkative, sensual, etc. With time, the AI can get to know its partner’s all of his interests and even remember his birthday.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen such a well-made, human-like AI. In 2015, China released the well-known AI, Sophia. Unlike Harmony, Sofia was originally designed to help the elderly and to help the crowds at large events. Sofia was even named the first Innovation Champion by the United Nations Development Programme. All in all, Sofia serves a somewhat good cause being an assistant and a knowledgeable source, so we can’t help but to compare her with Harmony. That is, Harmony seems overly more dangerous to humankind. Although some may argue that having a partner like Harmony is good for those who can’t interact well with others, it has to be said that Harmony encourages unnatural intercourse which will definitely have negative consequences on the future of humans. Not just that, Harmony’s creator also believes that men will soon be racing to marry dolls like Harmony, which will ultimately destroy the remaining bits of human relations.

Aside from its threat to humankind, Harmony is yet another proof of the stereotypical image of women. Harmony, with the perfect size, curves, and looks, proves that this is the only way men want to see women. Not only that, but the fact that even the creator suggests that it will be a man’s dream girl because it will do everything he wants indicates that this is the only thing a woman is good for: serving men. Moreover, this doll can’t really replace a woman simply because a woman isn’t just a body. If Harmony actually gives you physical pleasure, it will never provide you with real feelings.

Basically, Harmony is a more dangerous version of Barbie doll with the same unrealistic body expectations from women. And since Barbie had an equivalent male doll, Realbotix is now working on a male version of Harmony. Now, Freesia wants you tell us what you think. Do you think Harmony is a helpful invention? If so, do you think a male version of her will be good, too?


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