Freesia - An Exquisite Collection By Rima Haute Couture That Will Dazzle You

An Exquisite Collection By Rima Haute Couture That Will Dazzle You

By: Hana Fares Thu, 03 May 2018 07:55:30

There are a million fashion designers right now, whether international or Arab. However, Rima Yachouh, a talented Lebanese designer who started making a name for herself and became an international designer after starting from the bottom, is topnotch in the time being. Her designs attract Arabs as well as Europeans, because of her superb diversity in her collection that fits every bride’s needs. We were dazzled by her collection this year so much. 

Where did you study fashion? Did you have the talent before studying fashion design? And how did you start your professional career?

I studied fashion at CAMM Fashion Academy in Lebanon. However, before that I had a natural talent. When I was a little kid, I used to redesign my old clothes, like turning pants into shorts. Therefore, I thought about studying fashion design after finishing school of course. Then I began to design clothes and sell them to my neighbors and friends. After graduating from CAMM, I started a little business at home and after saving my own money, I opened my own showroom and studio. It took me 25 years to build myself in the fashion field.

How did you achieve becoming such a successful international designer to the extent that celebrities such as the Lebanese actress, Jessy Abdo, the Turkish artist, Haliyan Iman, and the Lebanese singer, Aline Khalaf have worn your designs? 

Having relationships and being friends with celebrities gave me the opportunity to design clothes for them and become known in the fashion industry. 

Do you have a place from where you buy your fabrics? And what fabrics did you use in your collection?

There are many places and countries to pick my fabrics from such as France, Turkey, Italy, and Lebanon. It depends on the fabrics and its quality. As for the fabrics, I used silk dantelle de Calais, French dantelle, and tulle illusion.

Which designer do you love the most, whether an Arab or an international designer? 

My favorite designer is Christian LA Croix; he has been my inspiration ever since I stepped into the world of Fashion Design. I like his personality and confidence in his work. And my favorite Arab designer is Ellie Saab.

From where do you get the inspiration for your next collection? And which cultures inspire you most in your designs?

I get my inspiration mainly from my personal experiences through life, memories, and painters. Lebanese culture inspires me the most, since I was born and raised here my entire life, but other cultures such as Turkish and Spanish could be interesting to get inspiration from. 

Since you mentioned that painters inspire you, who’s your favorite painter?

I have so many favorites including Vincent Van Gogh, Gustav Klimt and many other painters.

When can we see you in another country other than Lebanon and Turkey?

I am planning a business trip to Egypt because I have many Egyptian customers whom I appreciate. As for turkey, I don’t have a store yet, but I’m working on it. 

Tell us about your experience with Designers & Brands fashion show? Did any celebrity wear your clothes?

It’s a very special experience since it gives you the opportunity to meet different designers from all over the world and introduce yourself as well.  Moreover, yes one celebrity, Jessy Abdo, actually wore one of my designs before.

What do you think about the theory that people prefer or think male designers are better than female designers?

I think that men designers succeed more because they don't have as many responsibilities as women do, but in reality, it really depends on one's personality or style, not their gender.

Do you believe that male designers care more about women and feel them more than female designers?

I believe in that caring for someone's look and feeling them, it really depends on the person's personality and kindness not their gender. I think that every designer has his own personal way of showing their clothes/dresses, I don't think that any designer would let their jealousy/dislikes get in the way of their business leading them to dress their customers in the best way they can.

How many pieces were in your collection, and what do you have prepared for 2019?

I presented 21 pieces, including two wedding gowns, and the rest were evening gown in my last collection, and as for my next collection, I have many things in mind, but I’d rather keep it secret for now.

It looks like we have something still cooking that will be as dazzling as most of her work. Rima’s motto is “If you believe, you can achieve.” It shows how hard she believed and worked to reach the level of fame she is in. We can’t be more excited to see more of her work. Stay tuned to Rima’s next collection.


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