Freesia - How To Be The Best Female Driver In Three Steps

How To Be The Best Female Driver In Three Steps

By: Olivia Ezzat Tue, 26 Aug 2014 08:34:14

   Men think that only them have a God-given talent for driving and this is a common wrong belief in our societies, there are women who drives well, and even better than me. But to be honest there are women who don’t know how to drive at all.

    Here are some steps help you to become a better driver

     Take driving lessons
Don’t make your father or your friend teach you how to drive, you should learn from professional instructor at driving school. You’ll take a long time to learn driving but be patient and practice as much as you can.

     Practice your parking
Many women face difficulties while parking, the best solution is practicing. Practice parking in your free time, start with the angle parking then the parallel and the reverse parking.

     Respect the rules
Respect all the rules of driving, use turn signals before turning and use the mirrors to watch the actions of other drivers. Pay attention to what is going on around you and obey the speed limits. Don’t talk on the phone or try to text while driving, and of course, don’t apply makeup while driving.



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