Freesia - 4 Dangerous Things To Avoid While Being Pregnant

4 Dangerous Things To Avoid While Being Pregnant

By: Olivia Ezzat Tue, 26 Aug 2014 08:52:13

Is this your first pregnancy? Are you nervous and afraid of losing your baby?

Don’t worry Freesia gives you a list of the most dangerous things you should avoid during pregnancy

1. Raw food: Avoid raw eggs, uncooked beef, poultry and seafood because it may contain salmonella and bacteria.

2. Chemicals: Products contains chemicals could harm your baby, like canned food, insects spray, shower gel, skin care lotions and sun block.

3. Smoking: Pregnancy is a good chance to quit smoking; you have now a good reason to support you to stop smoking. It is very dangerous to your baby's health as it causes low birth weight and being born with respiratory problems.

4. High heels: You can look gorgeous without heels, during pregnancy your weight will increase and your body shape and the center of gravity will change, that will make your walk unsteady and of course you don’t want to risk falls.


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