Freesia - Souna Ghassan’s Take On Fashion

Souna Ghassan’s Take On Fashion

By: Freesia Staff Mon, 15 Apr 2019 07:47:13

Today all the aspects of femininity have been gathered in one woman, along with her modesty and kind heart. The more you talk to her, the more you feel warmth and familiarity. Freesia have met up with Souna Ghassan; the Lebanese fashion blogger, the icon of beauty and the most googled fashion blogger in the Middle East. In an interview with Souna, we discovered her beauty addiction, her role model and the secret behind her beauty.

What is the secret behind social media fame, and how did you start?

Although I’ve made a great success at being a blogger, I didn’t have it in mind to be a blogger at first, or even to have followers. I just started posting my pictures while I was out or even just at home. Then I noticed that I started gaining a lot of fans, so I continued on with this path.

How has fame affected you?

In a positive way. I learn something new every day. When I meet up with people who express their love for my work, it makes me so happy. For me, being a famous person means to always be welcoming to those who try to talk to me or want to take photos with me.

What is your relationship like with your fans?

Anybody would love having fans who appreciate their work. I wouldn’t have achieved anything without them. They are my main support system.  As for the negative side, sometimes there are harsh comments. I am a positive person though, and I don’t care about any negative comments.

How do you deal with the negative comments, and do you ever block people?

Sometimes I reply to negative comments, and I block people who surpass the limits. I don’t accept any curse words. However, comments like: “I don’t like how you look today.” are okay for me. I accept that. One time I uploaded a photo and they said: “this color doesn’t suit you.” I told them that I just wanted to try something new. I accept criticism.

People say that you are Kim Kardashian the Middle East, what do you think of this?

I do love her. Kim is a super star, and very famous worldwide and on social media. She is famous for her beauty and her body shape. I like curvy women in general, so I wouldn’t say that I imitate her specifically.

Have you thought of doing reality television shows like Kim K?

Yes, my future plan is to make reality shows. Shooting will be in three locations: Cairo, Dubai and Beirut. Shots of my real life and my daily routine will be taken. Hopefully it’s going to be a success.

What made you go for plastic surgery? Did you have body insecurities?
Like I said, I like women with curves. I don’t have body insecurities, I just wanted to change. Nothing forced me to go for the plastic surgery. Fashion and beauty admiration pushed me to try out different things.

How nice your outfits? How do you choose it? 
Sometimes I customize clothes according to my own taste. I am able to take a dress and change its length or width, for example. Not all of my clothes are brands. People ask me every day: “where did you get this from?” and I am used to telling them this. Some girls can’t afford to buy brands, and they get disappointed. That’s why I wear clothes from a variety of shops.

How do you define fashion?
Fashion is influenced by a person’s character. Fashion should be a passion. It doesn’t have to be connected to a specific brand, shop or model, but it should always be about style. And their style depends on personality. In the end, a woman should wear what is comfortable for her, and so someone’s fashion on any given day is very much influenced by their mood.

What’s your advice for girls who aspire to be fashion bloggers?
The most important thing is that they follow their own taste and style, and not imitate other bloggers. If a girl wants to be special, she should introduce something new and different.

If you are in a relationship, what would you do if your partner wanted you to quit your career path? 
We would have an agreement from the beginning, and I’ll make it clear that he can’t change his mind later on. After this long journey, a man can’t just ask me to stop my career path.

What would he be like then?
He should just be an honest guy and a supporter. He should help me to succeed and be a reason behind my success. He should be kind and respectful too. 
You often visit Egypt - what has your experience been like?
I love Egypt very much, that’s right. And I’ll be visiting it even more in the coming period for shooting the reality show. I can’t express how much l love it. I love the Egyptians, and anything related to Egypt. I love the Nile, the kind people, the beautiful new places and the coasts.

We are excited that Souna has chosen Egypt to fulfill her most recent ambitions, and Freesia is looking forward to watching this brave and independent woman take her next steps into the fashion world. At the end, would Souna Ghassan be your role model? Are you willing to be like her one day?


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