Freesia - Lenka Josefiova Is The Best Travel Blogger 2019!

Lenka Josefiova Is The Best Travel Blogger 2019!
Lenka Josefiova is the Best Travel Blogger 2019

By: Freesia Staff Wed, 22 May 2019 16:18:48

Lenka Josefiova is a successful and well-known travel and fashion blogger from Czech Republic who is currently based in Dubai. Being deeply passionate about traveling since her young age, she decided to start her blog, The Travelling Beauty Queen, in 2017 to share with her fanbase her traveling journeys around the world and her impeccable style.

With over 230,000 followers on Instagram, Lenka is today one of the most established travel bloggers in the region and in the world and her rising success is highly perceptible and quite unstoppable. Today, The Travelling Beauty Queen is staying true to her title and has already flown to Dubai, Seychelles, Taiwan, London, Barcelona, Maldives and Bali since the start of 2019. Lenka’s successful travel and fashion blog has led her to collect 19 international awards in total and is set for her 20th on the 24th of May 2019, where she is nominated by the World Blogger Awards for the Best Travel Blogger Category.

Since winning the Most Inspirational Beauty Queen in 2016 with a special feature in Freesia, she has spread her wings of success and went on to win a multitude of international awards such as the World Super Model Most Popular 2017 and 3 awards at the World Super Model 2017 final in China. Most recently, Lenka was awarded the Best Travel Blogger 2019 in recognition of her tremendous effort in building a great travel blog in just under two years at the World Fashion Festival which took place in the Sofitel Palm in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

When asked about her great victory, Lenka said in a heartfelt tone: “This award means so much to me. I have started with travel blogging less than 2 years ago as a way to document my life & my travels. I came up with the name The Travelling Beauty Queen for my Instagram & blog as I felt it fits me just perfectly. But "The Travelling Beauty Queen" has grown into something bigger, it has become a place where I take people on the travel adventures with me, where people come to find inspiration to travel & empowerment, this win would not have been possible without your support. Thank you for giving me motivation, love & voice”. 

She went on to recognize and thank the Emirati designer Mona Al Mansouri for dressing her in a stunning emerald blue and gold evening gown by saying: “First I would like to thank the whole committee who organized this wonderful event & to all the judges for choosing me as Best Travel Blogger 2019. The biggest thank you is to international fashion designer & my longtime friend Mona Al Mansouri, for always making me feel like a Princess wearing her exceptional designs.”

The World Blogger Awards is the world’s first ever award for the best bloggers across 22 nominations in different bloggers categories from travel, fashion, lifestyle, fitness, cooking to philanthropy. The luxury gala event, where Lenka is nominated as Best Travel Blogger, will be taking place on the 24th of May 2019, at the luxurious Martinez hotel in Cannes, one of the oldest hotels of French Riviera, as part of the 72nd annual Cannes Film Festival. The event will witness the contest of the best worldwide social media representatives. The headliner of the event is Gianlucca Vacchi, who is also star nominee.

Freesia wishes you luck and great success Lenka.

Yasmine Namir


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