Freesia - The 4 Secrets Of A Successful Single Mother

The 4 Secrets Of A Successful Single Mother

By: Olivia Ezzat Tue, 26 Aug 2014 09:09:26

To be a single mother is very hard, you face a lot of troubles and challenges and you have to be the father and the mother in the same time. I know that is not easy, but you can do it you are a strong woman.

First, you have to feel good about yourself
Whatever the reason why you are a single mother, you have to be satisfied and to know that you are a strong woman who can stand-alone.

Second, be a superwoman in your children's eye

Let them know that you are capable of doing anything they want, make them believe you can make all their dreams. Then they will feel that you and only you is enough for them.

Third, be your son’s best friend
Let him know your secrets and do not scare him in order to tell you his ones, he need to know that he is the most important thing in your life, so be there in his activities and concerts. Show him everyday how much you love him.

Finally, take some time for yourself
You need time to relax, you can do whatever you want to feel better.

By following these steps you will fill the gap of father’s Lack of presence in your son’s life and you will live a happy life with him.


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