Freesia - 5 Things To Help You Making Your Decision

5 Things To Help You Making Your Decision

By: Dina Gouda Sun, 31 Aug 2014 13:52:48

Our life is full of decisions that need to be made. These decisions will affect the way we live. Also they can change our life totally. That means you need to be careful of what you decide by making the right decision, as you are going to deal with the consequences later on.

So here are some tips to help you while making your decision:

Talk to yourself like talking to your best friend

Every girl in the world has a best friend. Talks to her, Trusts her and asks for her advice when she needs one. And when your best friend needs advice you give her your best. So deal with yourself like dealing with your best friend. This will help you to think better.

Think out of the box

Seeing the whole picture is better than seeing a part of it. Thinking out of the box makes you see the whole situation. You’ll be able to do this through doing some things that make you relax like listening to music or to the wholly Qur'an or even to your favorite inspiration speaker. Also you can read a book or motivational quotes which will give you the positive power to start fresh and focus on what you need.

Think with a pen and paper

Write down what you see as good or bad in the both cases. And this will help you analyze the outcomes clearly.

Meditate or dance

These things will help you to overcome the negative charges that come out of your mind and body.

Make your own deadline

Making your own deadline before the actual one comes will reduce the stress and will also give you extra time if you’re running out of time.

Eventually, you should know that you are what you decide. So be clear on what you want and start walking on that direction. Be the leader of your life by making your own decisions.


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