Freesia - Madeleine Matar In An Exclusive Interview With Freesia: I Am Picky But I Only Want A Man Who's Gentle And Humble

Madeleine Matar In An Exclusive Interview With Freesia: I Am Picky But I Only Want A Man Who's Gentle And Humble

By: Josiane Youssef Fri, 05 Sep 2014 00:58:53

We had a great opportunity to have an interview with the popular singer Madeleine Matar. She told us a lot of things and answered lot of our questions. Also she told us about her favorite fashion brands and fragrances. And the most important thing is that she shared with us things from her personal life and personal views.

At the beginning, tell us about your childhood and at what age did Wadee El Safi discovered you and where?

It was not just a normal childhood, but also less than that. Until George El Safi -the son of Wadee Elsafi- called me and asked me to travel to London to perform with his father, and what really surprised me was that he asked me to sing as a solo and in the opening of the ceremony not with the Coral.

We have no doubt you are a great singer, what about acting …? Did you ever think of acting in Lebanon or you prefer to deal with the Arab world?

I didn’t receive the role that convinces me yet, but I am waiting for the right one to act in Lebanon especially that I had done 2 movies in Egypt.

What do you think about people’s opinions?

I care about their opinion a lot as I am one of them, but as for personal issues I like to keep them away from being public.

And do you give the same care to your relatives especially if they comment on your clothes?!

I can understand if my uncles or my brother comment on my shirt or dress if indecent, but eventually it’s up to me as I am still at the right age to wear fashionable clothes. I also care about having the acceptance of the generations that surround me.

Who’s your favorite fashion designer who understands how to make you please the generations that surround you? And when was the last occasion he designed a dress for you?

I have dealt with a large number of designers and at the top of them Zuhair Murad. But at the last occasion I wore a dress designed by an upraising designer and I paid for her like any other person, I don’t think that I use my popularity or my fame with the beginners. As they need all the support and I like to support them when I can. Many designers from different countries like Kuwait, Bahrain and Lebanon have asked me to wear their dresses or mantles to use my image and I don’t mind doing that. And the demand increased especially when I changed my hair color to blond unlike many artists who have lost their shine after they have done it.

What is the distinctive global fashion brand that you like? And do you have a certain brand that overwhelms your clothes?!

I love Cavalli and I prefer him more than the other brands. Most of his dresses are sexy and suit me well. And even when I met him in one of his shows, he liked me a lot and told me how I look so sexy.

I would have asked you about applying your make up by your own self without the help of any expert, if I hadn't noticed that you wear a very beautiful simple makeup

Could I ask you what kind do you use?!

(laugh in a very feminine way) K-stars as I am their ambassador right now. Also I found a lot of cosmetics that I liked. I recommended them to a lot of people and even gave some to my friends as well. And because I travel a lot I find many brands that can bring my attention like Estee lauder and Mac. I also have many things I brought, but I didn’t try them yet because I am fond of makeup.

Since I know you won’t think ever about cutting your hair as you have a very high sense of femininity, then I will ask you about the hairdresser who encouraged you to change your hair color from brown to blond without returning to it for years?

The idea belongs to Leila Kanaan the director of clip “bahebak wadary” as she wanted me to be La femme fatale (sexy woman) in the clip. And the hairdresser was Mike Tawk. I suffered from blond hair and drought, but now I know how to take a good care of it. I even brought all machines, creams and oils and I take care of my hair on a daily basis at home. And my word to every woman is that if you don’t have the time for taking care of your blond hair, then don’t have it.

You are one of the few artists who has experienced retouches and never went to plastic surgeries, what made your look differs strongly from the past? And what are the steps that you took to do that?!

True, after “bahebak wadary” I became sexier and so feminine and I also benefited from directors’ notes. I just wanted to be sexy and attractive and to stay away from being cheesy especially in front of camera. I made my eyebrows look thicker, decreased my makeup and went with the simple beauty one and lost the extra weight. And for my hair I turned from brown to blond and that’s what changed me a lot and made many people think that I had many plastic surgeries.

Don’t you think that the Smoky makeup is the best for artists?

All beauty experts make the smoky makeup for my eye as they all like it on me because it makes my eye look very beautiful and wider. I always ask them to stop as it might be very nice face to face, but on the camera the simple makeup is the best one for me.

Yes, you are right.

What about high heels do you wear it daily?! And what is the most style do you prefer stiletto – wedge – platform or flat?

No, never. I don’t bear to wear the high heels every day. I was walking in marina Dbayeh yesterday and I was wearing casual wears and many people saw me and came to take photos with me I did and I wasn’t worried about being without high heels. My taste of style has changed recently; I turned to love vivid colors and it’s so important to wear the “original clothes”. I prefer Giuseppe Zanotti’s shoes more than any other shoes, while that Christian Louboutin’s pairs are beautiful but not comfortable.

And now we have come to perfumes and fragrances, what kind of fragrance do you usually use?

I love the Arabian fragrances and the perfume formulations. So whenever I go to any Arab country, I buy my own perfume.

What draws your attention the blond or dark skin guy?

I like the attractive one, whether he’s dark skin or blond. Then (think) I guess the person who has dark skin will be very handsome especially in the summer.

Do you have a certain description for him like a certain length or physical structure that you would like him to have?!

Sure, to be longer than me, athletic in order to have Broad-shouldered and of course having a flat stomach as I hate when he doesn’t.

Tell us about age and the differences?!

I guess it’s better for the couple to be from the same age as long as the woman passed twenties and is mature enough. I love the man in forties as he’s able to choose the woman who can keep up with him sexually and intellectually.

What about his education?

Life is the best school. There are many educated people who don't know anything, even when you talk to them about daily normal life or things happening in the society, you find them know nothing and just idiots.

What about his bank account?

I relied on God when I began to sing and I was praying to not to need any body. So I don’t want millions, all that I want from him is to know God and that’s for me his bank account.

Any favorite car?

He could have Porsche, Mercedes, BMW or even Range like mine.

Could you leave your husband if you discovered that he betrayed you?

If he wanted to have an affair with another woman, then I am not enough for him and certainly, I would never forgive him. But if it’s just passing fancy then I might forgive him.

Would you feel jealous of his love to his mother?

No. never, I could love her more than him.

Could he convince you to leave your music?

Being away from my music will always be based on my personal conviction

What draws your attention about Madeleine Matar?

I guess all my beauty.

Are you with or against?

Civil marriage

I am With it.

As if they belong to different religions, then one of them has to change his own. So it’s the only solution.

Living with the partner or what so called (cohabitation)

It’s against our ethics and religions, but it’s the fair solution to discover your partner. But certainly, they must be in love and not only want to have sexual relationships.


I may salute the homosexual person. But I am against it to the extreme.

Thank you, we wish you all the best.


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