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Cameron Diaz & The Body Book
The Body Book  by Cameron Diaz

By: Amr Moussa Mon, 08 Sep 2014 19:49:04

Actress Cameron Diaz has surprised her fans by launching a new book named "The Body Book", talking about her description for how to live a happy, strong, healthy life, guided by science, inspired by her personal experience. The book got the admiration of many because of Cameron’s manner of writing it, as she gives a positive energy by beginning the book saying: “You will be the most beautiful, healthy and confident person because you deserve that” and “Because you are more beautiful than you imagine yourself, this book will help you to accept yourself and to love what you have”.

The book gives many personal advices related to Cameron, as she said that she didn’t always live in a healthy life as she do now, also her unhealthy way of eating until the mid-twenties made a negative impact on her skin and body, in addition to learning to link between nutrition and health and how that was the most important lesson of her life. She also says: “when I was eating burgers and fries and drinking soda, I had the worst skin, I tried to hide it by using makeup or taking medicines, but they didn’t give the result that last for a long-term”.

Sundays are the most important days for Cameron Diaz, as she says: “you will always find me in my kitchen at home on Sunday, preparing the food for the whole week, and I am trying to not to get busy at this time, because this time is very important to me as it helps me get well prepared for the next successful week and makes me feel that I can take a good care of myself”.

Cameron talks also about the important role of the movement, muscle and strong bones, saying “Why do we need to burn out every day”. Giving some tips and advices for choosing the right sport program, saying also that you have to learn about building healthy body then apply what you got to be able to have that body. She also said that she loves to go to the health club and to be surrounded by people who love sport and trying their best to develop their own selves.

Cameron Diaz also says that the common thing between every successful person is “discipline” and that she’s not afraid of aging as the goal is to feel strong and healthy not to keep the beauty of the face, adding that she feels much better and stronger than when she was younger.

The book doesn’t set goals to be achieved in a month or a year, but it provides a healthy lifestyle and a happy and strong one in a long-term.


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