Freesia - Talented Caroline Yassa.. The Youngest Fashion Designer

Talented Caroline Yassa.. The Youngest Fashion Designer

By: Sabry Khodary Wed, 10 Sep 2014 07:00:00

Despite her young age, she has impressed many people by her taste of excellence, elegance, chic outfits and also by her insistence to offer what fits every girl.

First, tell us about yourself, your education and your life

I completed my studies at school till prep school, and then I transferred to a high school that has American Diploma so that I can have some time for taking sewing course, I was 16 years old by then and I did my first fashion show when I was 18.

I was like any girl, sketching some dresses, but my dad encouraged me to learn more and to take more positive steps. Then, I started designing for myself, my friends and some people I know till more people knew me and asked me to design their dresses. I have started from scratch and I never thought it would be my career.

Who was the first one who saw your design?

My father was the first one as he always encourages me, he always gives me some advices as I don’t have a lot of experience and I never worked where, also I am still studying and I don’t have the skill of dealing with different people.

Are there any difficulties that faced you?

No, because I didn’t plan to turn it to be my career, and when got any order I consider it as a big challenge for me. But there is no doubt that there is a difficulty as I am working all alone, and I also go to school. I was going to downtown for 6 hours, then. Going back home to work, and in the next day I should go to school and study whether for the course or for the school. That was very tough, but I have learned that everyone has to strive to achieve his goals.

There’s some point in every designer’s life, which he introduce himself to the public. What did you do to make them know you and to have your own name as Caroline?

I always have my dreams, so I decided to make my own fashion show on 9 of September, 2011, to introduce myself and my designs to people. They liked the idea and I was the one who organized everything; starting from the ticket, place and ending with the very small details. It was also hard for me because of the school.

Tell us about your memories of your first fashion show

The time was very tight, and I was working on my own at home, in a small corner inside my room by a small sewing machine.  I was implementing every piece by my own self. The difficult situation was when I stepped up to the cat walk as many people were there and I didn’t expect that at all.

Do you follow the other fashion shows and fashion magazines? And do you have a role model that you follow or you prefer to have your own style?

Of course, I follow and I see some of them as I don’t have time to see every fashion show and to know every designer. When I was at Cairo Fashion Festival I didn’t know any designer, we knew each other during the preparations for the fashion show. I also don’t see a lot of designs or fashion shows as I consider it as a negative point that may affect the designer the way he might tend to imitate the same ideas of other designers unintentionally.

After becoming a known fashion designer and having some experience, what distinguishes you from any another designer?

I set some standard goals like having a certain level of style and elegance to be introduced to specific clients.

What are the characteristics of a successful designer?

I think he should be able to reverse all his talent into his designs and to love his work so that he can be special. And certainly, he should care about improving himself.

Is there a special place where you display your designs?

In the beginning I was displaying my designs inside boutique at Zamalek, and now I prefer to sell them online as I don’t have a production line, but I do only one piece for each girl. So it’s unique and isn't available for anyone else.

Since you are the youngest fashion designer, do you have a certain philosophy or principle?

Yes, that person must take steps towards what he want and do what he loves by his own self.

What are the tips that you can give to Freesia readers?

That every girl should think about what suits her age, body and color, and this is what I'm doing when designing the girls’ dresses.

Thank you very much Caroline


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