Freesia - 10 Clever Tricks Help You Overcome The Childhood Obesity

10 Clever Tricks Help You Overcome The Childhood Obesity

By: Mona El Motayme Tue, 16 Sep 2014 15:19:59

The problem of Childhood obesity is the most common problem that plagues the mother, not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for reasons of health and social, these children are often more prone to chronic diseases such as Diabetes and cholesterol, in addition to high blood pressure.

And According to that, they always have poor self-confidence and that’s because of the bullying and harassment of their colleagues towards them. So they always need special way to deal with them.

Freesia offers you 10 clever tricks to overcome this problem:

1- Make sure that your child eats his breakfast, it is one of the most important factors that helps  increasing the rate of fat burning in the body

2- Milk and healthy food are necessary so make sure that your child eats them daily

3- Encourage your child to exercise and to play any kind of sport and make sure to have the time for that, not less than 60 minutes and it varies from one child to another

4- Replace soft drinks or sugar-containing drinks with large quantities of natural juices, but through clever tricks

5- Replace sweets made outside the home with fruits, and make sure that your child eats from 3 to 5 pieces of fruit or vegetables per day

6- Encourage your child to eat slowly as it helps him taking the largest benefit from the food and makes him feel satiety quickly

7- Avoid punishment and reprimand as they are not useful and they minimize the child’s confidence

8- Encouragement and moral support are one of the most important psychological causes that help to solve the problem

9- Determining some types of food and excluding of the others may affect the growth of your child, so the better thing to do is to minimize that kind of foods instead of depriving the child of them

10- Finally, make sure to put the food in small dishes so that you can control the quantity


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