Freesia - Origin Of Some Wedding Traditions

Origin Of Some Wedding Traditions

By: Menna Ismail Wed, 01 Oct 2014 05:52:52

Have you ever thought about the most wedding traditions that we see in weddings? and where might they come from?! If you haven't, freesia is going to tell you the most interesting secrets about the origins and the story behind the most famous wedding traditions.

Let’s have a look and enjoy.

The wedding ring: “if you like it you should put a ring on it”, it’s not only a Beyonce song, it’s one of the most important traditions that we used to see in weddings. This tradition is considered as an old Roman tradition, it means that the man takes a possession of his woman, added to that the Roman discovery of “Vena Amoris” or what we call “vein of love” which means that the ring finger of the left hand is connected directly to the heart.

The white gown: the white bridal gown is considered as a Victorian tradition from the Victorian era; when the queen Victoria introduced this idea for the first time in 1840 then all the women started following her. The white bridal gown refers to bride’s innocence and her purity.

The Bridal Bouquet: it’s a fact that there’s no wedding without a bride, certainly, it’s the same matter regarding the bridal bouquet as there’s no bride without a bouquet. But let us tell you the story behind the bridal bouquet, in the ancient countries they used to give the bride a bouquet made from the pungent herbs, dill and garlic because they believed that they beat the devil spirit, but after many years they replaced them with a floral bouquet full of scented flowers with decent and beautiful colors.

It’s interesting and funny to know the stories and the secrets behind the origin of things, isn't it?


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