Freesia - New And Fabulous 2014 Trendy Paints

New And Fabulous 2014 Trendy Paints

By: Menna Ismail Fri, 03 Oct 2014 08:58:11

Sometime we fed up with our homes and need to break the monotony of life, if you feel like that, then it’s the right time to break the routine and to make some changes. So Freesia brought to you the best 2014 trendy paints.

First, the bright yellow Para shade: if you feel upset nowadays, I recommend you to apply the bright yellow para shade at your home, I called it the color of happiness due to the positive energy that can be reflected at any place. You can use this shade at living rooms to add more life.

Second, the deluxe mint green shade: if you ask me what color do you prefer for this season? I will reply green, green and green, the most breathtaking shade that has appeared in 2014 for trendy paints, especially for those who long to add fantasy and modern touch to their homes.

Third, a burst of red color: for all people who long to add cozy touch to their homes, I recommend them for this season to apply the red shade at their homes as it’s more than gorgeous and it reflects great friendly energetic touch. So it’s preferable to be applied at the dining rooms.

At the end let me say that your home is your sweet kingdom, that's why you should try to make it cozy, funny and energetic by adding these new 2014 trendy paints.

Photos taken from Sico


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