Freesia - 7 Tips To Benefit From Your Food

7 Tips To Benefit From Your Food

By: Walaa Abd El Hady Wed, 22 Oct 2014 09:35:49

1-Eat fish and vegetables together, especially which contain iron as they increase the absorption and make use of it.

2- Anise seeds help to relieve the Upset Stomach, so it's preferable to chew the seeds, crushed them or add them to food.

3- Add few sticks of fresh parsley or dried with a cup of warm water to remove the effects of indigestion.

4- It's preferable to add garlic, onion and barley to your food list, to avoid the signs of aging and wrinkles. These foods are rich of the element germanium, which works as a catalyst to supply the tissues with oxygen.

5- Add brown rice, whole grains, legumes and vegetables to your menu as they are anti-cancer foods.

6- If you're taking an antibiotic for one reason or another, then you can eat more of vitamin B complex and some of the foods that contain beneficial bacteria Kalibadi as they will compensate the beneficial bacteria destroyed by antibiotics.

7- Remember that boiled potatoes have a high capacity to absorb all the toxins in the body because they contain a lot of essential nutrients for the body such as iron, calcium, phosphorus and copper in vitamin C.


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