Freesia - Top 12 Best Gifts For Your Man

Top 12 Best Gifts For Your Man

By: Patil Kalfayan Fri, 02 Jan 2015 15:38:17

 Once the festive holiday season arrives, it brings tremendous pressure that prevails over women when it comes to buying gifts to their husbands/boyfriends. Therefore, we pose a question over what Christmas gift men desire to possess? 

According to my survey, I have noticed that most men are indifferent in receiving gadgets or any objects of that sort. Some focus on the person and not on the object in gift giving orientation- they appreciate the gifts given from the heart. While others love and enjoy receiving gifts from their women. Thus, buying your man a gift (whatever the worth is) that has a special meaning & will put a smile on his face and a sparkle in his eyes. 

We hereby present you the top 12 best gifts for him:

1- Personalized Gadgets: Personalizing Accessories is easy to make! From Key chains to Mugs, your man will love using the gift made especially for them!  

2- Write him letters: the most romantic gift a man can get from his woman is sending him love letters inspired from The Notebook and Dear John movies. 

3- Home made dinner: It’s more romantic to spend the night indoors. You can decorate the place the way you want- lit candles and place bouquet of flowers on the tables, make his favorite dish & cuddle up together on the balcony with hot chocolate. Results are guaranteed! 

4- Sing & record a song: It might be one of his favorite songs, or a song that has a special meaning shared between you two only. 

5- Preferred books: the best present to give for a man who likes to read and make research within his field of interest. It can be an art book, music book, literature book, or all time classic book.

6- Belts: A quality belt is something every man needs, but may not think to buy for himself.

Check Zara and Massimo Dutti belt gallery just for him 

7- Shirts & Cardigans: From latest gadgets to the stylish shirts, our great selection for guys is sure to get his attention.  

Check our Zara, Massimo Dutti, and Moustache best shirts for men 

8- Games: one of the man's addictions is PlayStation 4 or Xbox. 

9- Watches: some men like to wear accessories like Tissot swiss watches and Victorinox sport watches.

10- Perfumes: men love to smell good. The most wearable fragrances are: Calvin Klein Eternity & CK, Hugo Boss, GIO by Georgio Armani, and Lacoste.

11- Jackets: Northface jackets, Celio Jackets, and Massimo Dutti blazers.

12- Cell-phones: Iphone is the man's best friend.

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