Freesia - Fashion Criminal Temraza.. Look & Feel

Fashion Criminal Temraza.. Look & Feel

By: Sabry Khodary Thu, 12 Feb 2015 22:23:59

Success doesn't come to you, you go to success. That's exactly what Farida Temraza did. The young talented fashion designer Farida Temraza is quickly becoming a fashion icon in Egypt.

The 23 years old Egyptian / Canadian entrepreneur is the founder and manager of Temraza  Haute Couture brand for women evening wear and bridal dresses . she is very ambitious and goal-oriented with a cool confident smile. She has her very own perspective as she always aims to design somethings that completely fits woman's body regarding her body shape, her skin color, her personality and her preferences. Farida says : " I don’t give away a dress until I am 100 percent sure it is perfect, and with every dress, I think I could have done something better, but the clients are always satisfied."

The Beginning of the journey:
She has been always interested in drawing illustrations and fashion designs, she says: " I still have some illustrations from when I was 7 years old." Then she began to transform her drawing into dresses when she was 19 years old, and started to enroll in fashion courses in Los Angeles as how to choose from different colors and originate designs to fit and highlight women's silhouette.

She started out making dresses for herself and her sisters, at the end of 2011 she launched her own business Temraza. “I knew it was time to open my own thing.  There was a Christmas bazaar, people were already dressed up for it and I wanted to catch their attention – I knew this was the event to launch Temraza,” she says.

Time to reward:
The young entrepreneur catapulted to local success after securing a place at London Fashion Week last fall in October, Temraza was honored at Cairo Fashion Festival, and quickly went on to book herself for the upcoming Paris Fashion Week in March.

Farida is currently completing her masters degree in Mass Communications at the American University in Egypt, her degree will be in the field of fashion communication.
 “No one has done this topic before in the department.  After I finish, I would like to teach fashion.  I want to be one of the people influencing and developing the fashion industry in Egypt,” she explains.

in the near future , she wishes Temraza to be a well-known brand internationally with a number of stores all over the world. "I want Temraza to be recognized like Galliano, like Versace,” she says. However you would see her as a young successful role model, but from her point of view she hasn't achieved anything yet. She is eager to more and more success.
" I believe that there are more great things to come.  I will feel satisfied if I find J Lo wearing one of my dresses on the red carpet in Hollywood.  I want to achieve more,” she says

Freesia meets Temraza:
Last Tuesday , 3rd February 2015, Freesia had an exclusive spot on Farida Temraza about her "Look and Feel" showcase which is a part of Temraza London Fashion Week collection at the ABn'G Store, an impressive Art Gallery to hang out.

When we first entered we felt the adrenaline rush it's an interactive fashion show, the models not only walk on the catwalk but you can have a conversation with and still got the vibes of a fashion show And this is indeed the " Look & Feel " concept. Each model was a portrait by itself drawn by Farida, completed by beautiful make up final touches of Mahmoud Rashad, Pace e Luce hair stylists and framed by Plush Studios.

Farida Temraza dressed in her black chic outfit with a simple eye catching accessories that you immediately fall in love with, and a smile on her face that completes the look.

Being crowned by Temraza's dresses that are playful and edgy in fresh, vibrant colors. What makes these dresses eye-catching are the flirty lengths and array of different colors design details that are offered in every dress, but there was that one perfect wedding gown for those brides-to-be that crave a show-stopping look. It's not everyday you are able to put on an elegant, full-length gown and be the center of everyone's attention.

The Unique Egyptian / Canadian designer makes us PROUD each time we see her designs, she builds up  sophisticated dresses with fine materials and precious embroideries you would definitely die for. We had the chance to talk with her about her favorite fashion designer in Egypt, She said "Yasmine Yeya", how to hit the international market she said that Temraza will take a part in London Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week on February 20 - 24, 2015 and March 4 - 11 accordingly.
We can call her the Fashion Criminal, she stole the lights of the fashion industry in Egypt and will steal the international lights very soon !

Finally, We wish Farida Temraza endless success in her life.




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