Freesia - Celebrate Differently, Embrace All Colors This Valentine’s

Celebrate Differently, Embrace All Colors This Valentine’s

By: Freesia Staff Sat, 14 Feb 2015 02:08:45

Since AD 496 when Saint Valentine signed his letter to Asterius, his jailer’s daughter, with the words “yours valentine”, We all kept celebrating Valentine’s Day on February, 14th every year by presenting flowers, love cupids, heart-shaped gifts or Saint Valentine's Key.

We usually refer to the 14th of February as the Red Day, as the whole world is colored in red, i.e. red flowers, red hearts, red decorations, and red dinner settings, yet, isn’t it too boring? Isn’t it too expected to have the same colors and traditions on this day each and every year!

C’mon! Such a love-dedicated day deserves more efforts, doesn't it ?!

What about making it more special and personalized by using the partner’s favorite color as the theme color of this special day! In other words, if the lover’s favorite color is white, the gift may be white roses, lilies or tulips wrapped in white fur as well as a vanilla cake. You may also get dressed angelically in white, and create a white atmosphere inspired by the captivating clouds with white hearts and white love cupids.

If you are going to color it in yellow, then get more refreshed, and grab a beautiful bunch of yellow tulips, along with a lemon cake or pudding. Make sure to get dressed in a very fashionable yellow dress, you can also use some lemon air fresheners for a more refreshing environment. What an exhilarating color!

What about blue? You may then get a little funkier using your artistic sense. For the gift, you may use some white and purple flowers or maybe a blue bird. Make some blue raspberry lemonade and some cupcakes with blue icing. Above all, shine in a sexy jeans dress in a surrounding decorated with blue butterflies hangings.

Use your imagination this year’s Valentine unexpectedly and steal the spotlight with your unrivaled confidence. Never be afraid to mix and match the colors to have a sweet Valentine dyed in all colors of happiness. Be distinguished, or at least, think if your partner may not a fan of red!


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