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Change Your Life With These Awesome Apps

By: Asmaa Fawzy Fri, 20 Feb 2015 17:27:30

Have you ever tried to use an app that can change your life ? Definitely I'm not talking about Candy Crush ! more than one app can make you super organized and creative. It's all about time management that can simply swift your life from a messy to firm organized life, helps you to make progress in your career or finally kick that eating disorders. Yes, there are really some apps that will help to change your life. Although it won't do the whole job for you but it will do a huge part of it. Here's the opportunity to make 2015 a super year.


Imagine that you have your own coach with you all the time. Lift is designed to help you build good habits and stick to them. You can set your own list of goals or bad habits you wants to quit such as stop smoking, exercising, running or even having a healthy meal and give yourself credit every time you achieve the goal. It's fun enough to stick to it.

Do you have problems to make time for all the little things that matter in your life ? Stay in control and choose how often you should do things from once a day to 5 times a week. It’s an app motivated by how you feel rather than what you do, and it tracks a lot of different aspects of wellness. Give it a try to make sure that you're keeping your life on a track.


Change your habits so you can change your life. Make it easier by creating habits that support your goals. This app is a winner of US Surgeon General's healthy app challenge. Healthy habits is an app that helps you to put your intentions into actions, and as we all know " better habits make life easier ".
This one is more about life tasks like calling someone. You won't regret it if you give it a try.

You feel low and you want something that can cheer you up !
Have you read this book ? I’d recommend it if you haven’t ! The app follows a similar premise. It's your time to take photos of the beautiful moments in life and store them in this app so you can check them back to put a smile on your face when you feel bad or stressed and you will feel motivated. It really works.

Great App ! It may be the most useful app I have ever used. If you're this kind of person who needs to be reminded of things all the time; you're going to love Way of life powerful remainders. It produces charts which show progress for lots of things like your daily activities, running, flossing and meditating. Even your bad habits like smoking you can see exactly what you’re getting out of it and why you should or shouldn't carry on.

Motivation is not something you get it's something you already have. If you don't feel yourself motivated in different ways of your life, then it may be something you learned years ago that prevent you from using your full potential. This style of motivation works for some people, so give it a try and see if it works for you.

the good news is that all theses apps are FREE !



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