Freesia - Yumminess Alert.. Capser & Gambini's Now Open In Maadi

Yumminess Alert.. Capser & Gambini's Now Open In Maadi

By: Freesia Staff Fri, 11 Dec 2015 16:30:00

If you're a breakfast junkie we have news for you! It's time you get some real breakfast from one of the tastiest breakfast and brunch places in town! Casper and Gambini's is now open at The Courtyard, Maadi to offer you a brief escape from everything but its delicious meals, friendly staff and its comfortable, relaxing atmosphere with its elegant modern setting.

The internationally franchised Lebanese all day restaurant-cafe opened its doors in Maadi to add yet another successful branch to its list. The opening was an absolute hit with an array of mouthwatering, picturesque dishes, We've tried the flavorsome appetizing ''Crusted Parmesan Eggplant'' which is a mixture of thin tender slices of eggplant, fried melted cheese, fresh herbs and slow roasted tomato sauce, the restaurant's quite so famous Sushi was a sensation and was gone before we knew it. The desserts included every chocoholic's dream come true: a moist, divine,  chocolate-glazed, cocoa-laden cake that's to die for and their signature ''Red Velvet Cake'' layered with creamy cheese and placed upon a pile of delish juicy red fruit.

Still, C&G didn't just settle for feeding our stomachs, they had to feed our souls. The highlight of the event was Vibe, the popular Egyptian live cover band that spiced up the place, giving the attendees one hell of a show and making the crowd go wild. Everyone was literally on their feet and dancing and cheering to their music. The band's vocalist Shady Hamza awed the audience with perfect covers of all-time music hits, making this night impossible to forget.

If you're looking for a place that combines comfort, menu variety, taste and style, We've just found you one.

So, If you haven't passed by their newest branch yet, seriously what are you waiting for?


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