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Persuasion “Jane Austen”

By: Menna Ismail Sat, 23 Aug 2014 00:02:13

When we are going to speak about the great English writer Jane Austen, We can’t even speak without mentioning one of her greatest novel, “Persuasion”. The novel is considered as a great sign in the English literature.

Persuasion is a novel speaks about the theme of persuasion and marriage during the story of Elliot family. The Elliots are a respected, titled, landowning family. Lady Elliot, Sir Walter's wife died fourteen years ago, left him with three daughters: Elizabeth, Anne, and Mary. All of them sing except Marry, who is Married to a rich man called "Charles Musgrove", Mr Elliot has a great flow in his character he is lavishly overspent ,which put his family into a great dept ,even that when Lady Russel the closest family friend suggest to reduce his spending, he became horrified as he can't imagine his life without his own usual comforts.

Anne Elliot, the major character in the novel was engaged to captain Fredrick Wentworth, but Lady Russel persuaded her to broke Up with him because he was not from a high family like Anne, but Even after the breaking up with captain Wentworth she hoped to see Him again, and refused the idea of marriage to someone else. The destiny Brought Anne and captain Wentworth together again after eight years From their disengagement.

In Austen’s novel persuasion, Jane wants to deliver a message to her readers whether the persuasion is negative or positive force in our life, Lady Russel persuaded Anne to break up with Captain Wentworth even though that she was completely in love with him and can't imagine her happiness without him.

This novel is great and we recommend it to you. Try to read it.


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