Freesia - Putting Glamour in Glamorous

Putting Glamour in Glamorous

By: Freesia Staff Thu, 11 Feb 2016 20:41:50

  Fashion design is an art that could be traced back as far as history goes. At first it was built upon pure talent and that usually contributed to the culture of the country, now though, it has become a whole module that people major in. One of the graduates of the arts and designs major that left her mark on the fashion design world is Dalia Safwat, the owner of Glamour Bridal and Evening wear.

    Her interest in fashion designing was a passion she was born with and her arts major only built her knowledge and fueled her to start working on her own line of wedding and evening dresses. The beginning of the Glamour brand we know now started around 5 years ago; and in those 5 years, Dalia Safwat managed to succeed in a way that loads of boutiques that have been open for longer than that are still struggling to reach.

    Recently, Glamour joined the Our Wedding Carnival 4, that has taken place on the first Friday and Saturday of February. With a booth that is uniquely designed by Dalia Safwat herself with foam flowers, it easily caught the eyes of every person entering the hall where the event took place.

   Freesia Magazine managed to ask Dalia Safwat herself some questions about her vision for her boutique and clothing lines. The wedding dresses that were presented in the booth didn’t need asking about as they talked themselves about their beauty and delicate work. Colored wedding dresses have been making an appearance in fashion shows lately but when asked about it she stated that she prefers the wedding dresses in white, or maybe a light champagne color, as it enriches the dresses with a dream like aura and makes the dress feel special as soon as she puts it on, which is how a bride should feel on her wedding day. As with every business, Dalia Safwat is dreaming big and on her way to achieve her dreams. When asked about her vision for her boutique she laughingly said “to conquer the whole Egyptian market”. 

Freesia Magazine certainly wishes all the best to the delightful Dalia Safwat in her mission and would certainly suggest to any girl looking for a soiree dress and to every bride looking for her wedding dress to visit Glamour Bridal and Evening Wear at Mirage Mall, 1st Settlement.

Filming by: Mazen Nassar & Sherif Seddique

Photography by: Ahmed Ismail, Bedo Viski and Kanaan Fayyad


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