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For Decoration Lovers

By: Menna Ismail Sat, 23 Aug 2014 01:29:16

If you are fond of decoration, then you will be pleased to read this article as I’m going to show you one of the latest decor trends in decoration world for 2014. So let's check what we have this year in the decoration world.

First, patterns are the unique choice: The patterns from the decor trends that remain so popular this season are wallpapers.

Second, Antique Mirror is unique: If you want to add a unique touch at your home, think about antique mirror as it is so trendy this season.

Third, black and white are trendy: The retro black and white decoration is back again this season to sit on the throne of unique decoration. You can use it in paints, furniture or even add a touch of black and white decoration in any place at home.

Add a new luxurious touch at your home with those fabulous decoration ideas.


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